Doug Sigel

Practice Group Leader for: Sales & Use and Income Tax


Doug Sigel has 25 years of experience trying and settling disputes in hearings and courts across the nation. His practice focuses on state and local taxation, especially litigation at the administrative, trial, and appellate levels. Examples of the types of matters Doug handles include: sales and use tax, state corporate income tax (including the Texas margin tax), Texas property tax, motor vehicle sales tax, oil and gas severance tax, insurance tax, motor fuels tax, mixed beverage tax, unclaimed property, tax credits/incentives, nexus disputes, audits, hearings, trials and appeals, tax collection cases, voluntary disclosure agreements, letter rulings, and open records requests.


Doug handles his large docket of administrative, district court, and appeals cases in an aggressive yet efficient matter and always seeks the best outcome possible for his clients. Doug strives to streamline the resolution of his cases through innovative approaches to each of his cases. This usually involves gaining a thorough understanding of the issues, personalities, and facts early in a dispute and crafting a strategy to achieve an expedited settlement of the dispute through a collaborative interaction with counsel for the taxing authority. If necessary, Doug will take the case to trial as quickly as possible and leverage the strengths of the taxpayer’s position and evidence to present the taxpayer’s argument in a focused and creative manner.


Doug has spoken on a variety of sales and use and income tax topics at seminars sponsored by IPT, COST, TEI, The Hartman Forum, the Texas Society of CPAs, the Tulane Tax Institute, the State Bar of Texas, the National Association of State Bar Tax Sections, and the ABA Tax Section. He is also a frequent author on state and local tax topics. For example, Doug has authored a chapter for the IPT Income Tax Deskbook published in 2012. He is on the executive board of the state and local tax committee of the ABA tax section. He is IPT’s overall chair for sales tax. He was the chair of the 2014 IPT Sales and Use Tax Symposium and is on the planning committee for the 2015 ABA/IPT Sales Tax Seminar. He is the chair of the National Association of State Bar Tax Sections.

Practice Group Leader, Ryan Law Firm LLP, Austin Office
Partner, Scott Douglas & McConnico, LLP, Austin
Debate Coach, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire



  • Successfully represented several hundred taxpayers over a span of two decades in sales and use tax, income/franchise, insurance, oil and gas severance, mixed beverage, and motor fuels tax cases at the administrative, trial, or appellate levels.
  • Successfully litigated numerous cases involving the Texas sale-for-resale exemption or the manufacturing exemption and obtained hundreds of millions of dollars of refunds in those cases. For example, Doug (1) obtained dozens of large sales tax refunds for defense contractors of tax paid on items charged to federal contracts after successfully litigating those issues in the Raytheon and Health Care Service Corporation cases listed below, (2) obtained a refund of tax paid on purchase of electrical transportation and distribution equipment after successfully litigating the issue in the El Paso Electric case listed below, and (3) obtained refunds of tax paid and hotel’s purchases of consumables used by guests after successfully litigating the issue in the DTWC case listed below.
  • Currently litigating two manufacturing exemption cases in Texas courts.
  • Handled dozens of audits and administrative hearing. For example, Doug eliminated through settlement a $5 million tax collected not remitted assessment by the Texas Comptroller against a large construction contractor.
  • Successfully defended numerous taxpayers in numerous nexus cases involving sales tax or franchise tax.
  • Successfully defended tax collection cases at the administrative and trial court levels.
  • Handled several cases involving complex procedural issues such as statutes of limitations defenses, second refund claim issues, pleas to the jurisdictions regarding exhaustion of administrative remedies, challenges to Texas Comptroller refund claim rules, and interpretation and enforcement of managed audit and settlement agreements.
  • Handled cases in states of Texas, New York, California, Illinois, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Missouri, New Mexico, Minnesota, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Washington, Nevada, and Nebraska.
  • Handled many appeals at Court of Appeals and Supreme Court level in numerous states.

Institute for Professionals in Taxation (IPT)
American Bar Association Tax Section, Executive Board of the State and Local Tax Committee
Austin Bar Association
Public Service
Counsel to Texas Ambulance Association for over 15 years

State and Local Tax Litigation
Federal Tax Litigation
Commercial Litigation
Oil & Gas Litigation

J.D., University of Texas School of Law, 1989

  • Notes Editor, Texas Law Review

B.S., Northwestern University, 1985


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State Bar of Texas
United States Tax Court
United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit
United States District Court – Eastern District of Texas
United States District Court – Southern District of Texas
United States District Court – Western District of Texas