Practice Areas



Sales and Use Tax


Sales and use taxes are an increasingly significant cost of doing business as states are aggressively taxing companies that potentially generate income within their borders.  Software and digital services are creating new sales and use tax issues in every jurisdiction.  As a result, sales and use tax laws are constantly in flux.


Ryan Law, LLP is experienced in working with its clients to engage in a detailed analysis of each issue’s applicable facts and how they apply to the changing legal landscape.  Utilizing precedent in innovative ways, we tailor our approach to specially meet each clients’ unique needs that are created by state sales and use tax laws.  To that end, we have prosecuted refund claims to the states’ highest courts on behalf of our clients.


Corporate Franchise and Income Tax


As corporate income is increasingly generated in new ways and in multiple locations, states are being forced to alter the ways income is apportioned.  As states alter their laws, it leads to inconsistency in apportionment and the potential for multiple taxation.


Our attorneys’ skills and experience in the area of corporate franchise and income tax allows Ryan Law, LLP to identify potential areas of multiple taxation and work our clients to achieve optimal tax results.  Our lawyers work with each client to fully understand the critical facts of their business in order to maximize potential tax savings and resolve each controversy in the most efficient way possible.  Our approach to each client is unique because each client’s issues are unique.


Property Tax


Along with utilities and maintenance, property taxes are one of the higher and most volatile expenses for a commercial property owner or tenant.  Property taxes are also the highest state and local tax paid by businesses.  Fortunately, property owners and lessees have an opportunity to control their property tax expense. 


Ryan Law represents commercial property owners and lessees in their ad valorem tax matters.  We assist taxpayers and their property tax representatives throughout the appeal process, from ensuring compliance with administrative procedures to representation in judicial proceedings.  Our objective is for our clients’ assessments to be the lower of market value or the equitable and uniform assessment of their competitors. 


Ryan Law also assists commercial clients with their personal property assessments.  In addition, we can assist with tax planning strategies including abatements or exemptions, as well as the possible property tax impact of changing the use or ownership of a property.  Finally, in the unfortunate situation of delinquent taxes, we can review the delinquency notices to ensure our commercial clients are not paying more than statutorily required. 


Our attorneys bring a variety of backgrounds and experiences to the service of our clients.  Our attorneys are former property tax consultants or managers, providing services to many of the Fortune 500 companies, or were employed by municipal or state assessors or tribunals.  As a result, our attorneys have a deep understanding of not only the administrative and judicial review process, but appraisal and appraisal theory.  The result is an ability to partner with your current property representative or in-house personnel to develop and execute successful strategies throughout the appeal process.